Design of Offshore Structures

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NTNU Marine Technology Ocean energy TMR4195 Design of Offshore Structures Spring 7,5

The extent of the various subjects lectured may vary from one year to the other, but will typically comprise: Serviceability and safety design criteria, including requirements to overall stability and strength as well as evacuation and escape. Design rules for offshore structures including offshore wind turbines. Overview of functional, environmental and accidental loads for marine structures, with emphasis on wind - and wave induced loads. Methods for calculating characteristic natural loads with emphasis on use of statistical methods. Stochastic response analysis, long term response analysis, environmental contour method. Nonlinear, time domain simulation of offshore structures and wind turbines subjected to extreme environmental actions. Limit state design checks. Structural resistance against accidental actions-; fires, explosions, ship collision. Materials for marine structures. Alternative designs of facilities for the offshore oil and gas industry.