Hydrological modelling

UiO Geosciences Hydropower GEO4320 Hydrological modelling Autumn 10


GEO4320 is a course on hydrological modelling at Master’s level. It is designed to emphasize hydrological concepts while providing useful skills for using well-know hydrological models in simulating hydrological processes. The course is divided into two parts: Part I deals with surface water modelling and part II deals with groundwater modelling, as well as the inactions between surface water and groundwater modelling.

Engineering geology and geomechanics

UiO Geosciences Geothermal energy GEO4130 Engineering geology and geomechanics Spring 10

Engineering (hydro-mechanical) properties of soils, rocks and fractured rock masses. Methods to determine deformation characteristics, shear strength and permeability. The importance of ground water pressures and effective stresses. Development and application of computational procedures to practical situations such as land subsidence, landslides, building foundations and tunnels.