Energy and Environmental Physics

NTNU Physics Energy TFY4300 Energy and Environmental Physics Autumn 7,5

The energy budget of the earth, the green house effect, radiation, atmospheric changes due to human activities. Methods and the physical basis for exploitation of conventional (fossil fuels and nuclear energy) and renewable energy sources (solar radiation, wind, bio mass, ocean waves, tidal and geothermal energy).

Energy resources

NTNU Physics Energy FY2290 Energy resources Spring 7,5


The course will cover energy resources and their role in modern society, with both national and global perspectives. The present and future impacts of nuclear and fossil fuels on the environment will be explored. Energy technologies and use of solar, wind, hydro and biomass energy resources will be introduced, and the relationship between public policy and resource usage will be discussed.

Design of a Wind Turbine

NTNU Energy and Process Engineering Energy TEP4175 Energy from Environmental Flows Autumn 7,5


The course will perform calculations of the energy potential in wind. Methods of measuring wind velocity will be taught, for the calculation of area or site energy potential. Different technologies for wind- power plants will be shown. The course consists of a large project concerning a specific technology within the field of wind-energy. The project will be carried out in groups.